What is our secret sauce?

Trying something new.

We offer leadership coaching, applied improvisation, teambuilding, facilitation, and business planning services. But our talents are varied so let’s sit down and chat to see how we can help.

To give you a sense of the types of creative projects we support, here are a few questions we have helped clients tackle. Any sound familiar?

  • How do we get our people to adapt in the moment, and think on their feet?
  • Our service desk team is great at solving technical problems. How do we enable them to connect more with customers?
  • Can you help us with teambuilding?
  • How can we make our offsite retreat more interactive?
  • How can we get breakthrough ideas from our people?
  • We have too many priorities in our business plan. How can we focus?
  • We have several new managers who are leading teams for the first time. How do we support them?

There is no off the shelf option here. And there really is no exact secret sauce. We like to try something new that will inspire and challenge you and your team.