What experience do you want to create?

Make it count.

The best facilitators frame the right questions, move a group towards consensus, get the best ideas on the table, and encourage groups to make strategic decisions that stick. We design and deliver highly interactive facilitated sessions. Call us crazy but we think each meeting or session is an opportunity to create a valuable experience that matters. And gets results. We want to be the ones to help create it.

We can help with any part of your meeting including the brainstorming, planning, design, facilitation, or all of the above. We support session topics ranging from business planning to teambuilding. Our masterful facilitators pull from a variety of techniques including improvisation and ideation to customize a session that is meets your needs. Magic? Nah. It’s just good planning, adaptable facilitators and creative thinking.

In addition to customized facilitated sessions, we also offer the Art of Facilitation training for individuals and organizations that want to build their facilitation muscle.

The Art of Facilitation

Meetings are a great opportunity to inspire, drive value, and help ensure your team is on the same page. This training provides professionals with the facilitation skills they need to hit the mark with every meeting. You will be provided with tips and techniques for each stage of the meeting, including skills to manage difficult situations and changing participant needs. Participants will learn the following:

  • Pre-session planning tools to clarify outcomes and manage meeting logistics
  • Strategies to manage group dynamics, facilitate groups towards consensus, and adapt in the moment to changing participant needs
  • Post-meeting accountability structures to support action and progress