Are you ready to make a change?

There is no time like the present.

Do you want something more in work and life but not sure how to make it happen? Is fear preventing you from going after what you really want? Are you ready to make that BIG change and need support to make it a reality? The world needs your unique talents, now. We provide coaching for leaders at all levels to improve leadership skills and personal fulfillment through values clarification, empowerment, and accountability.

Many of our coaching clients are business professionals but not all. If you are committed to make real changes in your life, we want to work with you. We like to kick off our coaching with a personality assessment. It gives us a sense for who you are and it gives you a sense for your talents. We then develop goals for our coaching together. Typically our coaching arrangements include two one-hour coaching sessions per month for 3-6 months. But not all the work happens in coaching. Be ready to put the learning to work between sessions!