Beth’s story starts…

…with an improvisational comedy class.

She was working as a consultant for a top firm. She had worked her way up and was seemingly doing well by most standards. At this time, she had the need to control everything. She thought being the hero meant solving every problem that came her way, alone. Yep, you needed something done? Beth was your gal.

The result was not great. She felt disconnected, tired and burnt out. She felt like she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. So when a friend of hers mentioned improvisational comedy class as a way to help Beth laugh and relax, she (hesitantly) agreed. With no previous theatre of performance experience and in her mid-thirties, Beth jumped into this new world. The decision ended up being one of the best ones of her life.

She got hooked. Over time (and after many classes and of lots of performing!) something shifted in her. She started to collaborate better and have more authentic relationships with her team members and her clients. She took on a mindset that she needed her team – really needed them – which engaged them and helped them create way more interesting work together. She became more valuable to her company. And, she had more fun in the process

Beth has experienced how the principles of improv such as yes and, creativity, share control and make your partner look good can have application to many parts of our lives – as team members, leaders and humans.

Her passion now is helping leaders understand this improv world as a key to unlocking their own creativity, adaptability and freedom.

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