“It’s tough to say what I enjoyed more — Beth’s creative (and very funny) improvisation techniques, or the audience’s overwhelming and positive response to her. Beth’s techniques engaged the audience and definitely helped with our mission of delivering happiness during our book tour. Her high energy and ‘in the moment’ techniques are great for anyone looking to foster creativity and adaptability within organizations.”

Tony Hsieh

#1 NY Times bestselling author of “Delivering Happiness” and CEO of Zappos.com, Inc.

“It hit the bullseye because it was fun but also very concrete and tied back to the experience we were trying to create for our clients.”

Aman Brar

Former President, Apparatus

“I am not sure who got more out of the strategy session- those who were directly engaged “on stage” in the improvisation or those interacting with them from “the audience.” Many longtime consultants called the 10-hour session the best one-day business meeting they had attended in a long time- and all pointed the unique, highly interactive applied improvisation format as the primary reason. We simply got through much more material, in a much more dynamic way, in far less time.”

Dan Helfrich

Director of Human Capital Federal Practice, Deloitte Consulting

“During our strategy session, Beth did a masterful job of getting people engaged, getting walls to come down and shepherding the team through a new process that yielded quantifiable results.”

Kristian Anderson

KA+A Strategy Design Consultancy

“First of all it was really fun. The process of planning and putting it together was exciting because I felt like there was a really solid dialogue, a really good understanding of what we wanted to accomplish and truly things were customized to meet the need of this particular customer.”

Beth Purdue Outland

VP of Community Engagement and Strategic Innovation, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

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